Nostradamus in the sixteenth century, Adgay Casey in the United States in the twentieth century, and Dr. Jos챕rino in Brazil are great prophets.

Tan Hers, who was active in the 20th century, can be said to be one of Korea’s most prominent prophets.

In general, Buddhist monks tend not to get close to the prophecy or signs of what will happen in the future.

That’s because it can be seen as a fortune teller or a guru.

However, since Tan Hers was raised in Bocheon Bridge in Chungcheong Province, which had a strong Taoism since childhood,
There was a temperament that did not evade prophecy.

So, Tan Hers is an expert in Oriental studies, who was the best scholar in Oriental studies.

Let me check out some of the prophecies that have become true to Tan Hers.

  1. Prophecy to the year, date, time to 6.25 war
  2. The Great Kobe Earthquake, which killed 3,300 people in 1995
  3. Uljin Samcheok Spies Penetration Prophecy
  4. America’s Defeat in Vietnam War
  5. Exactly to the date of his death

I’ll check out some of the prophecies that will happen in the future that Tan hers said.

  1. The topography of the Korean peninsula changes from ‘standing and tumbling’, the western part of the peninsula rises and the eastern part of the peninsula sinks.
  2. The earth shaft returns to its original position at 23.5
  3. 60% to 70% of all human beings die due to crustal changes

Finally, Tan hers said that “in the mid-’70s, when the moon rises above the wolong mountain of Wolak, and the moon shines in the water, a woman’s wage appears after about 30 years.

The woman’s wage comes out and becomes unified after three to four years.

Even in the mid 70s, it was not convincing that the moon on the peak of Wolak Mountain was reflected in the water.

Because there were no large lakes nearby, many people could not accept the story of a woman’s king.

Strangely enough, the construction of a dam in the late 1970’s was completed and the Chungju dam was completed in 1983.

Since her took office in February 2013, what will happen as predicted in 2017, four years later?

Let’s take a look around the peninsula in April 2017.

The US has moved the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, Calvinson, near the Korean peninsula.

Following a Syrian air strike, this time, The US has sending a strong warning message not to provoke North Korea.



South Korea and the United States have been working on the removal of Kim Jong Eun, chairman of the North Korean Workers’ Party since last month.
During combat training involving the Chinese forces to prepare for an unexpected outbreak.

Reported that the two groups had deployed about 150,000 troops to the North Korean border.

North Korea (Kim Jung Eun) may order to attack first, in the same way as to die together.

I hope there is no such thing.

Will unification on the Korean Peninsula come in April 2017?

April and May 2017 in Korea are going to happen a lot of things.

떟湲 궓湲곌린

씠硫붿씪 二쇱냼뒗 怨듦컻릺吏 븡뒿땲떎. 븘닔 빆紐⑹ *(쑝)濡 몴떆빀땲떎